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PC45 Control System

Control Systems

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PC500 Chemical Controller
PC500 Chemical Controller

Control package tailored to your process.

The PC500 system is a rugged microprocessor based control system designed for use in an industrial environment. The system is rated to IP65 and all exposed parts are chemically resistant.

The scalability and flexibility of the system means that it can be used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Controlling chemical concentrations in metal cleaning, phosphating & treatment plants.
  • Acctive™ software for control of accelerator in Zinc Phosphating processes.
  • Totalising liquid flow in water treatment plants.
  • Monitoring and analysing waste water contamination and flow for environmental reports.
  • Monitoring levels in bulk storage systems.
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Grundfos Digital Dosing Pump
Grundfos Digital Dosing Pump

Digital Dosing™ is Here!

Now you no longer have to struggle for precision. Digital Dosing™ is here, and it has come to make your life easier. We are talking about true innovation. The principles are new, the methods are new, and the patents are pending! No more guesswork, no more hassle with setting the pump. The future of dosing technology has arrived.

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Page reviewed: 18th December 2017